Whistleblowing Legislation has changed in Australia with new civil and criminal penalties- Do you need a policy review?

The Hayne Royal Banking Commission Report findings have been handed down - Do you need a Corporate Culture assessment & Change Management Support? New culture and corporate governance standards have been set from the Report findings and APRA report into CBA (2018)

“It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”

Warren Buffett

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Peter Drucker

"If you think compliance is expensive - try non compliance"

Former US Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

"Experience shows that conflicts between duty and self interest can seldom be managed; self-interest will almost always trump duty." Commissioner Ken Hayne - Report into Banking Misconduct 2019

"We will target corporate culture driving poor conduct such as pay and incentives, whistleblower policies and governance frameworks. " ASIC 2018

Getting Corporate Culture "right" has never been more important in light of  the Royal Banking Commission, #metoo and public scrutiny which have all contributed to a generational shift in "acceptable" standards in corporate Australia.  CPR provides independent third party advice and training to cohesively uplift culture, compliance and reputation which can positive impact your organisation’s performance.  We focus on formal systems, change management, policies and structures which can be updated to increase performance. 

Sally McDow says “I started CPR Partners because my own experience was that no one was addressing these issues cohesively for organisations, advisors or individuals.” 


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